How old are you? 20

How old is Kosa's Kloset? 3 years(July 2014)

Where do you live/ where are you from? Live in England, Cambridgeshire. Was born in Zambia in Africa

What made you start a blog? Honestly, I have no idea. I've always liked reading/writing and fashion and I think its a great mix of the two. Its a way for me to document my growth as a person but also in terms of my personal style. Starting this blog is an opportunity, I'm not sure what for yet. I hope to inspire and encourage as well as make people smile!

What camera do you use? If a post/ outfit is unplanned I use my iphone 6S / usually my friend Isabelle takes my pictures using a Canon EOS 50D

Where do you normally shop? Depop is my saving grace for all things unique retro/vintage and just well-priced, eBay is handy too, as well as H&M, Misssguided and Primark.

What is your style inspired by? Janelle Monae, Solange Knowles & a couple Instagram hunties. I love 90's fashion, the fit, the extraness, the randomness, but I also love simplicity. My outfits aren't very complex but they say enough. Comfort is key for me... Anything oversized or stretchy.


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