Livin' Lovely

I often say...
Live your best life, but live an honest life.

For me, living my best and honest life has included taking some time out from this little space of the internet I have claimed as my own. 

There are many reasons why but it really boils down to me trying not to force something I've taken a lot of time to build. A lot of the way I live my life could be described as haphazard, uncalculated, arbitrary... 
not in the reckless, teenage, 'Skins' type of way, but in the 'this life is a bit wild and I can do myself and health no service in trying to control so much of what is ultimately beyond me....'

My fashion is the same. My blog is not... my blog requires me to calculate and construct. I haven't been able to do that with the way my life has been. 

Sometimes the things we love and the things that seem to be such a big part of us, just aren't anymore. Everything changes and it's okay. When it comes down to it its about knowing your self, your journey and accepting the growth and changes. Easier said than done, but striving for it is definitely one way to make that more tangible.

When it comes to this mini shoot in IKEA, this was really a product of that haphazard and random way of life I referenced. From the outfit to the set, we really weren't trying to control too much, we were just trying to live... albeit in a huge furniture shop. But what a loving and generous furniture shop it was.

This isn't a comeback.

But it just might be.

Stay cool my g's - love Kosa x


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