Who remembers this beautiful shirt?!

I didn't manage to get as many pictures of this outfit when we were shooting & I'm not sure why :/ but you guys get the idea anyway!

Last year I did sort of mini segment about the different ways this shirt can be worn and how those outfits express different parts of me.

This is the Fresh out of the 90's girl

This girl can be pretty out there when she wants to be and doesn't really follow trends. She is similar to the stressed but well dressed girl in terms of time spent in front of the mirror trying to get the outfit just right, however, with this girl it's more about expressing her mood and love for comfort than creating the perfect ensemble. 

This outfit incorporates some of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe. From the retro shirt to the timberland boots the pieces are hardly current but yet works for today and is still fresh and refreshed. It's a difficult one to pull off as it needs to be warm enough to be able to wear just a shirt as a dress (I did have a plain bodycon underneath) but also not so hot that your feet curse you under the socks and timbs. Nevertheless, it's an option for someone wanting to go a bit less feminine with this shirt.

Remember the....

Let me know which is your favourite and which one you would see yourself wearing! 

Stay cool - Kosa x


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