10 Lies & Truths About University

Guess who's just finished their 1st year of university! 

Got some sick posts lined up, but for now I thought I'd spread some knowledge pon the blogosphere.. You're gonna wanna read this: 

First up:

Societies are great... The ones I joined formed the basis of my main friendship groups and definitely tailored my experience in first year.

BUT no one tells you that you have to pay to join...đź‘€

By my knowledge sports societies are definitely the most costly as they include things like uniforms, cost of equipment, sometimes transport and competitions. Other societies are a yung £5 for the year or £10 for three years. Others are just free. At the end of the day... You might have to pay... No-one told me but you can't say I didn't tell you.

(On a very real though whether you pay or not societies can definitely be worth it if you chose wisely and know yourself) #true


Listen, we are ALL different. In fact we are unique... What is an experience for one, might be traumatic for others. It's really that simple. Don't be forced/feel compelled to do something just because you feel like you'll miss out... If you don't really genuinely want to go... What exactly are you missing out on? 

Know yourself and what you like and stay true to that. At the end of the day there's a difference between making lemonade out of lemons and sipping on lemon juice knowing full well you can't deal with anything remotely the shade of BeyoncĂ©. #false


Long story short? It depends on your course. 

Personally I've found this to be true... Academically / emotionally I really feel like first year isn't as demanding. In 6th form if you weren't having a slight nervous break down every other week from January onwards you were kind of doing something wrong or your parents were doing your coursework for you..Uni? I feel like it's less of a toll on you.

You have more time to work with, your days are more flexible.. You have days off. A lot of first year is about getting everyone on the same playing field. You might be taking a penalty and sweating from your ears but there's also definitely going to be a time where you're just skipping around and keeping warm too. There are no exam boards trying to catch you out, there are no exceedingly high expectations apart from the ones you put on yourself. #true


Yes yes yes and YES.... Cooking in bulk is the way, the joy and the life. Not going to lie I was never keen on it until I tried it.

Cooking in bulk means that all you have to do is press 'start' on the microwave and have your drink & your cutlery ready... It's like McDonald's but with more substance and less guilt. 


Loool, okay if we're being straight up.. Yes this is true.

HOWEVER... It is important.

1. It depends on your degree but in reality we'll all be looking for internships and work experience in 2nd year (BEFORE you get your second year results) so companies will be using your performance in first year as an indicator of your dedication and ability to apply yourself (usually indicated by a 2.1 or above... Js)

2. £9000 guys, £9000

3. It's not there for nothing... It sets the scene for your next two years, gives you a baseline to work from and understand 


Whilst this is partly true we have to be logical here... No, you don't need a 24 piece set of cutlery (unless you let your washing up pile up) 

But you could definitely benefit from more than 2 plates or a bigger saucepan. Sometimes you'll have all three of your friends come to visit you... sometimes you'll want to make a massive pot of noodles... sometimes the miniature spatula really isn't helping anyone. #false


There's definitely some truth in this... A lot of things in life are on a first come first serve basis... Housing is one of them. It's good to be quick, give yourself time to shop around, decide if you really need to have a game room or a second fridge, nip it the bud and enjoy the rest of the year. 

However, I know from personal experience there's such a thing as being too quick. So much can happen between the time you sign for a house and when you move in that you just have to proceed with caution. 

/ people will drop out and make you have to scramble for a new house mate / people will get the house before you / landlords will throw curveballs at you / funds will be too low to put down that deposit... Things change, people do too.

Getting a house in general is not vital either. More people than you would think actually end up just staying in some form of halls again... It's usually a less stressful solution and depending on who your are, can be more fun or just more practical. Weigh up your options and be strategic - shelter is important. #false


Well yeah.

Whilst I haven't really seen the full benefits of my still very much pending degree I can still see that there are some things you just have to pay for and other things there are ways around.

Money management is  k e y .

Student finance might just not bang for you... Sorry.

But at the end of the day one of my biggest motivators is how much I'm paying (not saying this makes up for how much we pay). When you want to turn your alarm off and miss those two Friday morning lectures, reminding yourself that you've just lost the full value £100 of your loan can do wonders *sometimes*. Or when you're just thinking "forget this, this is long" remembering that that £9000 is already under your name in red kind of makes you wanna try and make the most of it. #..ish


Lol. This is so very true. I mean I was careful in who I claimed were my 'friends' in the first place but you definitely meet people who you will either never see again or may see too much of.

It's part of life and whilst I would say be cautious, I would also encourage you to talk to people from all aspects of your uni experience.. Friends come from the strangest/ most unlikely of situations. Make friends on your course (please im begging you just do it), make friends in your halls, make friends beyond your halls (important), make friends beyond uni (i.e. At work). Whilst I'm not encouraging you to use people, people do come in handy... In your genuine time of personal need, or when you just missed the start of a lecture and need a quick place to sit and a run down of what you missed. #true


It's really what you make it! Some people can't hack it... I can see why, it's not easy practically living alone, having to keep on top of house work and uni work. Trying to navigate around a new city, being up to 4/5 hours away from your childhood friends & family. 

University life is not for everyone but I can tell you it really is a great ride. You learn a lot about yourself, your habits, your thought process, your abilities, your levels of procrastination... You meet some awesome people and you live your own life. It's scary and expensive but I'm definitely glad I tried it. #true


Thanks for reading (even if you didn't) and I hope this gave some of you some insight into uni life and what you're about to let yourself in for, or what you narrowly miss out on. If you have any questions/ want any tips comment below or e-mail me! 

Stay cool - Kosa x


  1. And the friendships you make after freshers can last a lifetime. Nice article , *thumbs up*

    1. Yes, I definitely agree! Thank you for your comment x

  2. A great read especially with uni coming around in September! Lots of things to keep in mind x

    1. Thank you so much I'm glad you found it interesting! Definitely, I want everyone to know this stuff because it definitely would have helped me personally x


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