Retail Therapy & Excess

This Ralph Lauren corduroy shirt is honestly one of the first and only "designer" things I own. Whilst it's not Prada, I think this is as far as it gets with me.

I got it for £18 in a thrift shop called Pop Boutique, apparently there a few around England so check them out. 

Those of you who know me really well, will know that me spending £18 on a shirt is surprising. Whilst you could say it's not much, that's the equivalent of a weekly food shop!! But anyways, the shirt was purchased and I was soo happy. 

Walking out, I was thinking the only reason I paid £18 was because of a little man on a horse that will be chilling on my left breast. That might be an over analysis but this is how I think about most things. Some may argue that with brands I'm paying for the quality and in fact, urge more people to save up and buy pieces that will last longer. However, when you're a student that's not realistic (for me anyway). Plus just because it's meant to be better quality doesn't mean it can't rip... Even black cracks one day.

I love shopping in vintage and charity shops because clothes made back in the day took longer and were simply better made and the prices are wonderful if you know where to look... But that also means you're prone to accumulating a lot.

As a blogger people assume I have tonnes of clothes and shop weekly. Whilst this isn't the case, sometimes I open my wardrobe and feel a bit ill. The excess makes me sad. I wonder how I can accumulate so much just waiting for the day I think of the perfect outfit, when some people own just ONE shirt...

Meanwhile in Kosa's Kloest theres 20 shirts...

Why do I have TWENTY shirts? 

I guess what i'm trying to say is, the world is unfair and i'm realising that more and more. And whilst i'm not planning on throwing out 19 shirts, I think its important for us to recognise where there may be excess in our lives and to put things into perspective. 

Regardless of my attempts at living a simple life, that purchase increased my mood a lot and revitalised my wardrobe, which then got me content happy (currently planning a S/S Look book in moderation). And thus I began thinking about the power of retail therapy. As cliche and overused as it is, I do think there is utility in the saying and as much as I've talked about excess... 
Sometimes you need a new shirt to remind you how fleeky you are. I respeck the concept of retail therapy, but it also made me consider the other things in life that provide joy in the same way. Whilst shopping is great, clothes are just clothes, they go out of trend, they rip, you grow and you change...

I'm challenging myself, and you guys, to think about what other kind of therapy works for you. For me it's definitely spending a day out with friends, just creating stories, memories, taking pictures, talking about God and learning.

Jumpsuit/dungaree - Zara |  Kicks - Adidas Superstars

Summary > Designer clothes? its not that deep
> Recognise your excess & be grateful
> Retail therapy works but there's defintely more to life
> Buying clothes is not in the style blogging job description

Sorry this was a bit of a long ramble but we're getting into my head more on Kosa's Kloset and with that comes a few random posts about consumerism and weekly food shops.

Hope you are all well and feeling fleeky.
Stay cool - Kosa x


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