Pinstripe, DIY & Self-Efficacy



1. They are originally and officially Missguided merch, specifically Pinstripe jogger bottoms

2. I bought them from a lovely girl on Depop a very long time ago. Grabbed for nice little tenner (£10)

3. I didn't like the jogger look hence why there are no pictures of them

4. Long story short:

> I chopped off the jogger cuffs and rolled the rest of the material up

> I took in the seams to make the legs slimmer 

As a girl who's body isn't necessarily one type/ shape, (some parts are 'disproportionately' bigger/smaller than others) my biggest struggle is finding bottoms/trousers that fit me.

Refusing to accept defeat and seeing how versatile trousers can be I decided to make it work for me... Needless to say i'm still a work in progress.

Every pair of trousers I now own have had to be altered in some way. I don't say this to brag or complain but to reflect on something I've learnt about myself and something I hope I can share, and that is...

/sɛlf/ - /ˈɛfɪkəsi/


'The belief in your ability to produce a desired or intended result'

Essentially, I've learnt that I can be very resourceful when I want to [save money] be. 

I guess you could say I'm pretty stuck in my ways. With many things I refuse to compromise or change my self. It's not that I'm skilled at any of those things mentioned, (I'm far from it) but it's that I know that I can somehow, someway at least give it a go and probably make it happen. 

It's as simple as that. 

I was recently talking to a friend about 'black girl magic' and how black girls are becoming/ are a skilled workforce. By that, I meant that I see a lot of self-efficacy in the women around me and those that I interact with personally and virtually.. they get ish done and they always find a way if the world's way doesn't work for them.

They don't take "no" or "that'll do" for an answer. They take matters into their own hands.

 For a long time I just assumed they were very talented and slightly magical, however, I'm definitely starting to realise that we really are all simply human and are all capable of great things... Whether it's building a international brand or movement like #BlackLivesMatter, raising money, writing the first 100 words of that dissertation or making your outfit look that bit cuter with a few tweaks. It comes from the same stuff... A bit of self belief (and in my case God).

I'm yet to apply this to every aspect of my life but chopping up trousers is definitely a start. Its not easy to obtain but I really think sitting down and marinating over this concept could be a start to many more great things for girls of all colours! 

We're all human.

(yes i know i'm obsessed with this bag)

Photographs taken by the lovely Nomeda Bugenyte (@NO.ME.DUH)

p.s. Check out my friend Joe's brand/site (in reference to the skateboard featured above that I can't actually manouvre)

Stay cool and you'll figure it out - Kosa x


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