Black x Black x Melanin

So I really thought I would be able to publish a post without text. Clearly that isn't happening. 

To be honest I feel that the pictures do a lot of the talking. This all black affair is definitely one of my favourite outfits, its simple and minimal, something I feel like in my everyday outfits I've lost a bit of. In real life you'll find me in jeans with an oversized shirt or jumper and some creps, whilst simple, it reflects more of my retro/vintage style. My outfits are definitely quirkier and more colourful IRL.

Saying all of this I feel like I want to give more to my blog, write more, make it more personal and reflective of my everyday. 

For now though, enjoy these shots, I had fun shooting this outfit and I hope you guys like it.

Jumper dress: Missguided 
Boots: Primark 
Bagpack: Gifted by a friend 
Swag: Own

I guess I'm just trying to do better and be better..

Stay cool - Kosa x


  1. My fourth time on this post boo - so proud xx

    1. Hehe, thank you baby girl, WE did a great job x


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