A night with Reebok & Kendrick

Retweet this post, they said.

Come and see Kendrick, they said.

What no-one told me was that not only did me and a few of my favourite people get to watch King Kendrick do what he does best less than a metre away from us... But that we would also get FREE all white Reebok Classics, FREE food which actually banged, and FREE drinks (Yes people it was a very open bar).

After a trying few days, finding out that I had won tickets to a secret gig really was the double cream on the cheesecake.

When we arrived at Old Granada Studios in Manchester, our main priority was getting to the front of the stage. I was with two of the biggest Kendrick Lamar fans I've ever known and not being at the front was simply not an option. We gave our jackets into the cloak room only to turn the corner to find a man directing us towards our "free shoes".

At this point, I was really questioning if we had come to the right venue/were living the wrong life.

The night was a wonderful compilation of creativity, self-expression and excellence. Before Kendrick performed his set (and post the free shoes) we were given a quick lesson in the history of the Reebok Classic. The showroom educated us from the introduction of the first soft leather upper, to the intricacies that go into curating comfort and durability. 

To be honest... You know a shoe bangs when you give the same pair to 200 odd people and every single one of their outfits still pop.

The room (studio 6) Kendrick performed in began as a unmarked canvas, we were given 'creative freedom' to graffiti and scribble all over the walls and even the stage. Obviously I had to insert a yung plug for Kosas-Kloset (still awaiting the fruits of that). After sets from Hannah Faith (above in a dope ASOS suit), Bradley Zero and an introduction from the fly gyal that is Julie Adenuga, Kendrick came out to preach.

His performance, although short and sweet, snatched any edges I had left and nearly off'd my friends wig & turban. It's safe to say anyone who was in attendance was well and truly blessed... None more than my friend who was given the mic, TWICE. 

After such a wavey night I had no choice but to recreate my outfit from Friday and capture these shoes in some natural light. I've always been an Adidas girl but Reebok have charmed their way in and have shown me that there's free stuff beyond the shell toes.
I don't think I'm quite a convert, but these? I really don't mind.

  Walking on air fam.

Ya girl also got a lil feature in the official Reebok vid of the night:


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