Valentine's Day: (not so) OOTD

Clearly this is a bit different to your typical 'valentines outfit'.

Oversized black crewneck // H&M (size L) 
Joggers // New Look
Trainers // Stan smiths

Recently, I attended a show for a band called The compozers - check them out on YouTube. Half way through, one of the band members asked who was excited and ready for Sunday (meaning the 14th). Most of my friends and I are Christian so we automatically thought... Sunday? Church? Yeah we're excited for church!

Obviously this was not what the guy on stage was talking about. At that point three things came to mind 

1. Uni life really makes you lose track of the days

2. How excited I was for church 

3. How excited I was to see my bed afterwards (current location)

It's safe to say Valentine's Day was not on my radar and it never really has been, even when I was in a relationship. The fact that my friends were just as clueless as I was about the international day reinforced my beliefs... That it's not that deep.

 Whilst this day does bring a lot of joy and happiness, it also comes with pain for some or a harsh reminder that yet again bae is no where to be found. BUT just like pancake day... Just because you didn't get a chance to make/ have some pancakes doesn't mean you've missed a trick or aren't worthy of having a pancake any other day. 

 If we're going to acknowledge it in all its superficial and consumerist red-hearted mess , it is essentially about LOVE... Giving it, sharing it, remembering it and celebrating it. Whether it's romantic, neighbourly, familial, platonic or the love you have for your bed. 

I'm a strong advocate for self love/care, nothing can grow within you unless you truly take time for yourself. You don't have to 'know yourself' but you have to know your self* is worthy of care,love and attention, and not just from your 'valentine'. (what even IS a valentines pls?)

For those of us still not convinced that this day can be normal or comfy on your ones despite the bombardment of perfectly devised v day instagram posts, here is(essentially without sounding too cynical or anti...) a how to survive Valentines Day guide:

Do some online shopping (going actual  shopping puts you at risk of bumping into too many 'too happy for life' couples)
 Make the bombest playlist of old school bangers and spend a good 2 hours just feeling the vibes and dancing in front of your mirror I recommend some Missy Elliot, Outkast, Eve and a splash of Usher
Call your mum (this isn't as sad as it sounds, your dad probably forgot so show her you love her and send her some appreciation)
Read a book, of course the extent to which this will satisfy you will depend on your choice of book. I suggest 'How to be Black' by Baratunde Thurston
Make your favourite/best meal - I don't know about you guys, but nothing makes me happier than slaying a lasagne 
 Take some blog pictures (obviously this has certain limitations/requirements)
Do that thing you've always wanted to do/try on your hair
Binge watch something on Netflix - 'Suits' is awesome by the way and a film called 'Lila & Eve' iths all mad to be honest 
Go to church?(I'm being serious, although I realise it might be a bit late for this, if not read John 3:16 real quick)

Obviously, these aren't the most extravegant suggestions and the list is by no means exhaustive, but let's face it, everywhere is going to be booked up and packed with people trying to execute their best Valentine's Day celebrations and you don't care for that...

*self - Your body, most importantly your mind and spirit
(P.S. my sheets were washed post taking these shots and no i don't usually wear my shoes on my bed)

Stay cool - I love you all - Kosa x


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