You know when you have to start leaving an extra 5 minutes to walk to lectures in the morning because you've finally realised that you are no match for the bitter northerly wind speeds... And the rain... 

Turban - Zambia // Turtleneck - Primark // Cardigan - Thrift Shop (Manchester) // Jacket - Sue Ryder // Trousers - Forever 21 // Shoes - Adidas Superstars // Bag - Beyond Retro 

As you can tell Manchester is treating me well! In all seriousness, I'm having a great time at uni and even despite the deathly conditions I'm enjoying my course and the city.
One of the things the cold weather forces you to do up here is reinforce yourself... However, in the past this has meant sacrificing the outfit for the sake of holding onto your health (in the form of a massively padded coat).

 I've never been one to finesse and invest in stylish but protective outerwear so that only leaves one solution... Layering!

Whilst I'm still adamant that I'm not the best at it I've noticed my friends are, so for those of you fighting between aesthetics and your health, hopefully these layering tips and ideas will give you a fighting chance..

Michael (@_freduman): 
Cap // Ralph Lauren
Turtleneck // Top Man
Shirt // Beyond Retro
Jacket // Vintage Basement
Jeans // River Island
Shoes // Timberland

Polo // Ralph Lauren 
Cardigan // Lacoste (Thrifted)
Coat // Thrifted
Jeans // New Look
Shoes // Adidas solar (Office)

(Can you imagine none of these outfits were planned together) 

I think the best tip I've learnt is to just experiment if you have the time. Don't be afraid to clash a few colours and play with textures. The easiest things to layer with (as seen in this post) are definitely - Shirts, Turtlenecks and cardigans. Again these are items you can have in a range of textures, colours and thicknesses. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if theres anything specific you want to see in 2016.

Stay cool - Kosa 


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