Where's Kosa??

Hello loyal and great readers,

I've done another disappearing act. In the past month I've moved to uni... University of Manchester to be exact and I'm loving it. I knew once I got here a lot of things would be put on hold/ to the side and sadly Kosa's Kloset is one of them. Whilst I will still do my best to blog, I definitely cannot make any promises, partly because I'm a broke student with limited money to spent on clothes (what's new?), or a decent camera ( iPhone bloggers unite!)....also, I have £9000 a year worth of lectures to attend and reading to do, on top of working and generally trying to enjoy life! 

I love my blog and everyone who takes time out to read it and support me and I'm very grateful for it and for all of you who have followed me on this journey (okay this is getting a bit soppy) 

All I'm trying to say is don't give up on me I'm still here! Just at irregular intervals and strange times... Structure doesn't even exist anymore guys I'm not going to lie.

For now enjoy some pictures of me and a couple friends during the final days before we scattered across northern England!
These also almost culminate my if I were a boy series for now.What better way than to let the boys take the lead?

Hope you are all well and are staying cool and focused on the bigger picture! Blogpost soon come ;)

Stay cool - Kosa x


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