The black tux

Way back when I was in 6th form our dress code was 'business wear'. I personally loved it 75% of the time - who doesn't like to look smart?? - the other 25% was simply because some outfits would have thrived on the addition of a suave leather jacket or certain shoes that were 'prohibited'.

Outfits could get a little boring and repetitive, my go to items when this occurred included typically menswear pieces in the form of a bow tie or pair of braces. Even though those days are done, I still find myself drifting towards these items on more dressy occasions because of their quirkiness and the fact that they deviate from the usual.

Coat/jacket: Missguided (2014)

Instead of a silk scarf (which I would probably put on my head anyway) or jewellery, I prefer to play with accessories such as these that don't quite follow suit to the usually quite feminine get up, mixing men and women's wear is a great way to keep your outfits looking both unique and new. Whilst this has been my 'go to' I've never thought about the how it would look next to actual menswear. It was national Tuxedo day last month and my birthday was coming up (9th of November)... I began to wonder...

 if I had a man... 
some money... (student life will do this to you) ... And some plane tickets to Paris 
what would our date night/birthday meal outfit be...? With the help of The Black Tux and some DIY here's my his and hers date night look:

Pocketed Shirt Dress: Forever 21

DISCLAIMER: I would strongly advise some caution with these looks as you and your mister perfect might end up looking too matchy matchy, however with the right accessories I think you're onto a winner.
 With this Notched lapel tux that screams quirk, perfection and class in all the right places, whilst a well crafted/fitting shirt dress is feminine but slightly androgynous and cheeky with this standout bow-tie, adding to a very clean, but adventurous and sassy look... What more could a girl want on her big day (not the wedding.. Although you could).

Shoes: Primark | Clutch: Primark

 I love the cheeky braces on the curated look that allow the outfit not to appear too formal (I know that is the point of a Tux but it works okay) but also means that when he takes off his jacket and gives it to you to put over your shoulders #classytip, your man or bestie can never be accused of looking a bit plain. 

The Black Tux is close to luxury bow tie and accessory heaven... Their range of colours in more than 4 different bow tie styles allows you to switch up your look with just a flick of a clip... Yes most of them are premade *dancing woman emoji*. The actual menswear itself makes me wish there was ladies section to this tux rental brand. A couple favourites include:

As for my bow tie, it was a birthday gift from my lovely friend and photographer Isabelle Rouxelin from a Depop shop called @benddownbouteeq. Although you can make your own just as easily as clicking the 'buy' button (look out for a DIY post)

 Here's bonus day look incorporating my new H&M Chelsea boots ;)

Oh yeah check out the @theblacktux's Instagram it's actually so sick!

Hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to blur the gender boundaries in tailoring.

Stay cool - Kosa x


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