If I were a boy

So I've been thinking about ways to make Kosa's Kloset more than just outfits of the day... Which I enjoy doing but it's not everyday outfit of the day. (I say this as if I even blog every day.. Anyone say consistency?)

Anyyyywaayyyss, I noticed that over the years and due to my last post (my glasses), a lot of my favourite/best pieces and outfits have incorporated something that previously belonged to a guy or was from the mens section of a shop, see...

1. Glasses - Oversized Tee
3. Jumper - Transitions

As a result of my boredom with my wardrobe but also lack of inspiration from any shops (yes even H&M) I've decided to play with that part of my style and do this mini series fittingly entitled: If I were a boy

So for my first post I decided to keep it simple and to the title and I've had a proper gander through the men's section of some favourite online stores and come up with a favourites/ I would list... Enjoy!


This is nothing new for me, oversized men's jumpers are a must in life... For comfort, hiding pregnancy bumps and looking fly. These two are both from Beyond Retro and it honestly took all my strength not to buy them. This is definitely one department where the men's side rules.


Attention to detail goes a long way and it seems to me that for boys this is where the outfit really comes alive because let's face it, their clothes aren't anything too adventurous in terms of cut and variation. We still keep it simple though, these sunnies are so very retro and different from the usual and for only £5, Boohoo are doing bits. Strangely enough I can't actually see them on a guy! 
In women's fashion the leather backpacks have been popular and whilst they are attractive I was really drawn to this Mi-Pac Faux-Suede one on ASOS, it just makes the black look richer and I feel it is more practical. Also loved this dope weekend bag in River Island.
Of course we can never get away from leather and this Snapback made sure of it. Not sure how far it would get over my braids but this cap would definitely add some freshness to your look.. Especially if you have one of those jumpers on^! I think with girls and guys, texture and a range of materials is something to be experimented with.


So yes I went for the standard guy shoes that are popular now but honestly I think they are the only ones I would go for too...

 I love how these Nike slides are not the usual stripe pattern like the Adidas, I think the simplicity is something that would aid/ work with my wardrobe more than the originals. The black and white Superstars are absolutely beautiful with the gold accent. Plus, anything that takes it old school is winning in my eyes (shout out to them shell toes!!)and more white shoes... 
And then we have the trusty converse, I'm not a massive fan of all black kicks for myself but if I were a boy I think these are a simple and necessary staple for anyone's closet. The leather again adds a little extra to any look again building texture and creating a clean look.


These 4 are all items I would 100% purchase straight from the men's section! It's not everyday bodycon with me . I find things like these more comfortable and then I don't really feel the need to constantly check myself. Stripes - wardrobe basic. Disney - all day errday, from day. Turleneck - the perfect blend of chic and warmth. Oversized button down - do I even need a reason?! This one from GullyGarms on the ASOS Marketplace is so versitle and adds some much needed colour to this list. 


Bombers are a favourite of mine, firstly because of how casual they can make an outfit look but still show that you put some effort in (like this ASOS leather one)  and secondly because they look hella comfy! Yes yes more leather but the men's section seems to be killing it with the black stuff whereas I would say in women's fashion the focus is  currently more on denim. This other jacket is a nice simple but statement piece to have in the wardrobe, whilst I'm not sure about the actual tags on the sleeves the idea and look it creates wins me over. Its no longer on the wesbite but pree this Bellfield Suede Bomber to quench your buff bomber thirst!

And that concludes my 'if I was a boy wish list' which is kind of funny because I would 200% buy and wear all of this stuff so I don't even need to be a boy for this wish list to be on this blog. I really enjoyed seeing what's on trend and in stock for the lads, whilst a lot of it seemed the same to me I found some really great pieces that I would love to invest in. 

Tell me what you think of this post and what your favourite pieces are and if you have any other cool places to fine dope men's clothes!

Stay cool - Kosa x


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