If I were a boy: Long line bomber

Welcome back to KK!

Last week I did a bit of window shopping in the men's section of some of my favourite online stores and got a bit jealous to be honest. 

As part of the If I Were a Boy series I've asked some of my nearest and dearest lads to lend me some things from their wardrobes that I can style. Roll on... 

After styling this I'm completely in love with this jacket... Not only is it the perfect transition piece for A/W but the long line makes a change to your usual bomber style, giving a slightly more sophisticated edge to this usually quite boy-ish piece. 

Most of the menswear I incorporate into my outfits are often for an oversized effect, however, this Maniere De Voir in a size M is a snug fit which makes it almost look like it was a womenswear item. Because of this and my focus at the moment I really struggled with whether to keep it androgynous or play it up more femenine with heeled boots. I ended up with a nice balance with the Superstars (still can't believe I'm back to crep check gang! It's been so long since I purchased a pair of trainers. LOOOK AT TTHEMMM!) giving the more boyish look but the all white making it all look lighter and more girly. 

Shout out to my best friend for the dope photo's. Though the wind, the rain and the time running out on our parking ticket we managed to get some greatl shots. (Oh yeah finally passed my test! *twerks with one leg up on the car*)

Also...shout out to the man's car I almost scrapped but didn't, who then gave us the rest of his ticket which gave us more time than we had money to pay for. Bae level: 748398584. This is for you Carl*!

Long Line Bomber // Maniere De Voir (my cousin's wardrobe)
'Paris' top // River Island (size 14)
White jeans // New Look
Creps (shoes) // Adidas Superstars 

 Let me know what you think of this look and whether you want to see the more feminine ways I styled this jacket, the possibilities were endless people.. Endless.

Despite the series entitled if I was a boy  a lot of the stuff I'm probably going to show might not be so telling of their menswear origins but I'm definitely going to try and push the boat out with 1 or two of these next ones.

Stay cool - Kosa x


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