What are thooosse???!

I'm already laughing before I even start making this post because of how funny/ silly it is, it could backfire on me so badly!

So for some reason I've been quite uninspired by the latest trends and pieces in stores this SS15. Everytime I'm looking through websites I tend to find some pieces that just don't make sense to me and I thought instead of a favourites list like everybody else, why not do a 'not so much a fan of' list... In other words the things that make me cry "what are thosseee?!". This is kind of following the Twitter hashtag that was around a few weeks ago #unpopularblackopinion. So I guess we could think of this as my unpopular blogger opinion!

DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way intended to offend or make fun of anyone. It is purely based on my personal preference and opinions. Laugh with me and defend the items if you disagree!

1. First up on my why list are...

Despite the craze, I really have not been a fan of the lace up shoes, to me it looks like your foot is being suffocated. These babies solidified my dislike... It's all just so wrong! Plus can you imagine the tan lines...

Someone please justify this footwear, I want to understand 

2. Brace yourselves 

Why. Would. You. Purchase. This. I'm all for dressing up and feeling the festival vibes this summer however surely this kind of headgear isn't necessary...

Not to mention inappropriate, the cultural appropriation charges/claims that could be made.. This one needs to go


Another festival-ish trend.... I actually kind of liked this until I saw how the fringing doesn't quit past the bottom hem of the top... There really is no need. On the topic of fringing... What's your favourite fringed item?

more unecessary elongation in the menswear...

Is is me are the ratio's just not working. He looks like he could take to the skies any minute Superman style.

4. Next up.....

Looool. What are these and why are they £60? I get the whole best of both worlds thing. I can appreciate some good loafers and a pair of fly trainers any day, however, this combo just seems too extra to be true... I'm confused.
£60... This is just. I don't know what this is

5. Moving on...

Brb, currently awaiting an explanation for the presence and placement of pom poms that are making these otherwise simple and classic shoes not so sophisticated. 

Did someone say fancy dress?


Now we all love a good sun/maxi dress... But this number would attract every flying insect within a 100m radius... 
I've never been a lover of animal print anyway 


Whilst I've actually been able to see the positives in many of these pieces, creating outfits for people who are much braver than me, this is a stay at home and clean the house skirt. Not even a plain white crop can do this justice. You could get away with wearing it on dress up day as Cinderella? In all honesty, there is 3 too many prints here 


This is me just being bitter because I don't have the right body to pull this off and I don't really like lace... Each to their own 


?!. I love the structured silhouettes and the plain simplicity of a box crop but this one really can't do many people any favours. Especially those of us who's shoulders are already happily broad and prominent...
maybe if we added a nice wide pleated maxi skirt and slicked the hair back and then replaced the top with a parachute? This one disappointed me.

Okay okay, in all seriousness I really didn't go hunting for this stuff, and no specific websites were targeted and I have definitely seen a lot worse than some of these over the years. But as I said in number 7, there are arguments to be made for many of these items and I really could make them but that's for you guys. 

Comment below your favourite and what you would pair it with, where you would wear it and get back at me for being so cruel...

On a more collab friendly note... Here are a few things I've had my eye on too:

1. Misguided  2.ASOS 3. Monki (via ASOS) 4. ASOS

Stay Calm and ignore my silliness - Kosa x

p.s. I GOT INTO UNI!!!!!!!!


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