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AFWL seems like months ago now.... However the hype from the event is still sending some ripples.

In my post about my day there I talked about a brand called AAugust created by two of my Zambian friends Emelda and Suwi, I also promised a dedicated post to the brand and these two amazing women... So take a guess at what you're reading..

So before we do our first ever interview on Kosa's Kloset have a look at their latest line, WARRIOR, which they showcased for the first time at AFWL.

From the first model who walked with confidence down the catwalk to the last, AAugust's WARRIOR line changed the atmosphere of the room. Opening the 2nd show of the night was passion, dedication and a love of fashion. The audience were clearly captivated by each piece as it told it's own cleverly crafted story, from the colours to the placing of materials to the bare footed models. One of my reasons for loving WARRIOR was the rawness each garment presented and the excitement it demanded from those watching or in my case capturing. 

Kosa's Kloset: So what is AAugust?

AAugust: AAugust is a bespoke fashion brand with a twist, we believe that fashion is instinct, its how you want the world to view you. 

KK: Where did you come up with the name?

A: Well we are both born in the month of August (GO LEO'S) and there is two of us, hence the two A's in AAugust

KK:  Favourite part of AWFL? 

A: Hearing people cheering at our garments, it was so crazy, not only was this our first fashion show as a brand but it was individually our first fashion show outside of university. We are so blessed to have gotten this opportunity.

KK: Worst?

A: The rush to get everything done and perfect, we spent many sleepless nights working on our collection, but in the end it was worth it.

KK: What has been your biggest lesson in terms of coming into the world of fashion and developing AAugust?

A:  Its not easy, the fashion industry is fast, its exciting, and it takes up all of your time. To be in this industry you have to be talented obviously but you also have to be strong and believe in yourself and your work

KK: What made you want to be designers?

A: From a young age we both knew we had creative minds, even though we didn't know each other, for me (Suwi) I was never good at anything else so I believe that I was always meant to do this. (Emelda) I always loved drawing and painting and anything arty, I fell in love with fashion design at school and since then I have never looked back. And then we met each other at uni and we just clicked and now we are here.

KK: What has been your drive to get to this stage? And what will keep you going?

A: We've kept each other going, when one person is down the other can pick her up. Also the trust we have in each other, and obliviously what we want for AAugust is always the best motivation.

KK: What do you think makes AAugust different?

A:  We know who we are and we will do anything to stay authentic, and you will never be bored if you come to an AAugust show.

KK: If you didn't take on fashion, where would you be now?  

A: Erm.... nothing, like we said this is were we are meant to be but if not... probably be a bum and do nothing with our lives lol.

KK: Rice or Nshima*? 

A: Nshima DUH!!!! what kind of question is that!! ati rice.
(Nshima* is a staple food in Zambia)

KK: Chicken or t-bone?

A: Oooo its hard but we both have to go for t-bone... so succulent 

KK: If you were stuck on a desert island which piece would you take from the line and why? 

A: Any piece that's big and warm cuz we hate being cold.

KK: Where do you see the brand in 5years? And what can we expect from you?

A: In five years time we would like to have concurred Europe, and should have started our website where people can go and purchase our clothing.

Suwi and Emelda were recently voted AWFL 2015 Young Designers of the Year and have won the chance to showcase at a complimentary showcase at the Africa On The Square Fashion Showcase by AFWL on the 10th of October in support of Black History Month, as well as sponsoring in order to showcase at the FFLFW (Fashions Finest London Fashion Week).

Biases aside, for me their line was definitely deserving of this award. The details and effort put into every single piece really did show, as well as their commitment to creating interesting pieces and showcasing part of themselves. 

To find out more about and The designer of the year award go to:

Also follow them on Instagram: 

Hope you enjoyed this post 

Stay cool - Kosa x

I do not own any images used in this post // Photo credits - Michael Tube Creations 


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