Travels: Part 1


So I've been back for a week now and I'm sorely missing galavanting round Europe. As part of some sort of self prescribed coping mechanism I've decided to put together a sort of photo diary of my two week trip around 4 cities in mainland Europe... Enjoy!

Week one covered Paris, Amsterdam and the first half of Berlin

- P A R I S -

Paris was beautiful to be honest, everywhere you turned were beautiful and intricately designed buildings, including Arc De Triomphe ,which we climbed up, and the Eiffel Tower. Taking a nap in the sun at the foot of the tower was definitely one of the most surreal moments of the trip. 

- A M S T E R D A M -

<Not even going to lie the moment you enter the Red Light District the smell of weed consumes you>

Because some of our travel got messed up we only spent 1 day in Amsterdam. Despite the hiccup we made the most of the day having a picnic in front of the Rijks Museum where we got to see some pieces by Van Gogh. Wondering around the red light district was equally fulfilling although we were very sad to have not been able to go on a pub crawl with Keith (Keith had a cool moustache and was legit)

- B E R L I N -
< Megan and I's Mixtape cover - stay woke for this one>

We spent a lovely and long 4 days in Berlin so there are a lot of pictures. In the first couple of days we visited the Berlin wall and the Holocaust memorial for the Murdered Jews which were both truly surreal and breathtaking.
Apologies for the poor photography, honestly we were too busy enjoying the moment to capture it beautifully on camera (when I say camera I mean my phone)
Keep an eye out for Part II which features the rest of Berlin and Budapest, the picture for Budapest are beyond!

Stay cool - Kosa x


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