How to striped shirt and converse

Welcome back to Kosa's Kloset

For this instalment of posing in different outfits for the Internet I have a cute lil smart 'casual' summer look which is only smart because a shirt is involved.

I think we've all realised I do love a good shirt and this is one of my favourites from H&M (of course) and I featured it here in my birthday post. I've paired it with my high waisted shorts from I have no clue because I got them on eBay. Honestly, these are the most perfect shorts, they fit beautifully and the quality is so on point, high waisted denim shorts are 100% a wardrobe staple for summer.. To be honest denim is summer and summer is denim. Oh and converse! Converse are important.

This look can be easily dressed up by opening a few buttons on the shirt ( FREE THE BREAST) okay not the whole breast but you know what I mean... And by adding some block heeled sandals, not going to lie I was too tired to take pictures of the dressier look but I will probably wear it to a BBQ or something this summer for you to see so keep an eye out!

Let me know what you think of this look and whether you're a heels or converse/kicks kinda girl or guy!

Stay Cool - Kosa x

A concerned me when I realised there was a man watching me from his flat the whole time. Help.


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