Interraing: packing

I think it's safe to say I over packed for this trip! It's not a surprise but I was definitely kicking myself during the first week when I was getting used to carrying my life (bag filled with my life) on my back

Packing itself is pretty straight forward and I had 3 main categories:

Important documents & JIC*

(*Just in case)

Most blogs and YouTube vids I watched did emphasise that the JIC section is dangerous overpack territory however a first aid kit 'JIC' was definitely something that can't be left out when you're going galavanting round Europe for two weeks!

Yes two vaselines is necessary

So incase you're wondering... This is basically what's in my bag atm! There's some that was added later (more JIC)  and so are not featured in the pictures

Playsuits/dungarees are perfect as the are basically one outfit & allow for lots of restriction free movement 

I think for me taking these pictures was not only a nice easy blogpost but was also a way for me to familiarise myself with exactly what I was taking and where abouts I was going to put it. The main focus is ease! 

One thing I will say is that packing for a trip like this requires a some careful pre planning and is more strategic than I had first thought. 

Hope everyone is having a great week and thanks for stopping by to have a peak! Photo diary will be up asap so you can see what I've been up to!

Stay cool - kosa x


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