Hello Old Friend

Welcome to the not that new or very much improved Kosa's Kloset!

The beast that has been the bane of my life for the past 2 years has finally met it's end. Yes people...
 A Levels are o v e r!

This means I now have masses of free time (I'm loving it by the way) it also means I've got a more interesting life... when I'm not at work or in bed for most of the day. And finally it means that I can get back to blogging without feeling like I have to go and revise instead of pose for pictures. Yay.

This past week and a half alone has been crazy busy and the fun is just beginning! However, before we get into The Master Plan enjoy some pictures of me posing for the internet in a really nice flowy vintagey shirt that is perfect for this new found british summer and my current favourite pair of jeans...

Now the boring bit is over....

SO... I am currently interailing around Europe with two of my best friends and life is sweet guys it really is... expensive but sweet nonetheless. We have just arrived in Paris, France and shall be moving on to Amsterdam in a few days! Depending on the wifi situation and our energy levels I may or may not post of few pics on here for you guys showing what we've been doing and so on, but if you really want to keep track I shall be posting stuff on Instagram (@kosaamt) // Twirra (@kosaamt // and... Snapchat 

ALSO... I recently had my last ever PROM!(I've had 3 now) on Friday... images of that magical day will also be up soon enough... See, I may have been gone for 6 months but I'm back with STUFF!!

IN ADDITION... (I know it's all too much) Kosa's Kloset turns ONE sometime very soon. Sadly because of my travelling and all that I might not have a cute post to put up that day but a belated birthday is a birthday nonetheless!!

I've missed this!

Shirt; gift from a friend
High waisted jeans; New Look (£17.99)
Crappy sandals that do the job; Primark
Stay cool.. always! - Kosa x


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