African Queens

Yes you read the title correctly

So prom happened and it was fabulous!...


My 'To Do' List

11am - Go for a jog + youtube workout

 1pm  - Pick up last min items (prom+interailling)

1.30pm - Take blog pics w/ Simon

5.30pm - Go to Morebelessings' house to get ready

8pm - Leave for prom


I finally got back home and collected my outfit and things to take to my friend's house where we were getting ready. Picture this....

5 relatively vain black girls, their helpers and MUAs and only 2 main mirrors - it was an experience.

Bang on time (THE LIES) we were all dressed and ready to slay for Insta and Snapchat!

The night itself was just too cute, everyone looked beautiful and it was just lovely to have most of our year together for a couple more hours.

My Prom 'Dress'

My outfit/dress was designed by me and made by my beautiful and wonderful cousin who just happens to also be called Mukosa Martha Tengenesha (name so good had to use it twice!) check out some of her stuff on instagram: @asante.orders

This was my plan for prom all along and was not an idea sparked by the beautiful and winning Kyemah McEntyre (@mindofkye_) who erupted all over social media for her stunning prom dress that she too designed herself(we talented).For me going back to my roots for my final prom was important because education (not necessarily prom)and better opportunities is the reason my family left the roots and Zambia in the first place so what better way to mark that?! I also wanted to stand out but we won't talk about how unmodest I've become. 

(Go bestfriend thats my besfriend, you better...)

Hope you guys liked this post and enjoyed the pictures. Let me know which dresses were your favourites!

Stay cool - Kosa x


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