Lone Ranger

For some people the prospect of travelling alone is just as terrifying as sky diving off the Eiffel Tower or dying their hair pink. For others it's as simple as going to the shop for some bread - simples. 

If you know me, you know I have to have a moan/ worry about something before I do it all the while knowing I'll be absolute fine and will do it anyways (I know, I promise it's not an attention thing, I just like to voice all possible concerns so that when it comes down to it I am as calm as I know I can be). Upon realising I had to go to a university applicant day in Manchester alone I indulged in said pointless ritual and then talked myself out of it reminding myself that if I survived a day in London (the country's biggest city) Manchester was going to be like popping to the shops. 

What I didn't realise until said trip was how much I love travelling alone! Particularly on trains. Everyone loves train rides and mini adventures. Whilst me and my friends often take trips to other cities I've only done it twice on my own. And whilst both ventures result in great memories, I always return from the latter feeling so refreshed and blessed and most importantly, that I know more about myself.

Being an avid blog reader and YouTube gawker I've heard from many role models and adults in general about "me time" and have always agreed on its importance convincing myself the hours I spend in my room on my phone, laptop or just dressing up is more than a persons due time. However, I've come to realise that my "me time" is a bit further than the hop and skip up the stairs to the solice of my bedroom, it's when I'm literally the only person I have to rely on and I'm trying to get somewhere and to prove something to myself. That's when I learn most about myself and grow. I am very aware that this is likely case for most of us, send anyone to a random city with Google maps and 1GB of data and I'm sure they'll learn some things too. I guess the point I'm trying to make is between juggling A Levels, a part time job and generally trying to live my final years as a teenager in an African household (if you know you know), it's nice to be able to get away and not have to answer to anyone... "Go where the wind takes you" if you will. This is not me preparing you guys for an announcement that I'm moving to India for 6 months  to find myself (Although the year abroad some uni's are offering seems to be a chance to do that and more - not in India mind) I'm just sharing my lil epiphany moment. 

It's always a good idea to give yourself a day out to just read and have a look at the world and spend time with number one. This post is quite pointless in essence but for me it's an important realisation about myself as I go into what is probably the most important year of my life (final year, uni, moving out, learning to drive...), if I'm going to conquer my fears and make it to where I want to be, I need to give myself time to think it through and do it right even when the world doesn't seem to want to give me that time. 

So my lovelies... Go book some train tickets, get a book you've been meaning to read, a place you've been wanting to explore and don't ask anyone to come with you... See how you feel when you come back. If not just take yourself on a nice long walk, either way enjoy yourself and take some time. 

(P.s speaking of giving things time, it goes without saying that Kosa's Kloset is on a break and I'm not sure when the "Kloset" department will be back but for now just enjoy "Kosa" )

(p.s.s yes i'm publishing 3 months after writing this post)

Stay cool - Kosa x


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