Wow it's been a while 

Since my last post we've had Christmas and New Year... As late as I am, I hope all my followers had a great one.

So an explanation for my month and a half hiatus? Put simply - life.

As an a level student with a part time job and extra curricular activities (ballet) it's quite hard to keep your social life going let alone a blog. This post is not about excuses though, you guys know how it goes.

So my first post of 2015 (oh my dayss) is a ground breaking ootd. I wore this to church today and felt kinda fly... I won't lie to you guys I was wearing my H&M hat again but nature seemed intent on me going hatless as the wind was going wild. I would like to thank the lovely steward who jumped into action and stopped my poor hat being run over (it would have been a sad sad day for Kosa's Kloset) by a menacing blue Corsa. 

Enough chat, here you you go my lovelies, a few pics of my posing infront of a church... Enjoy!

In terms of Kosa's Kloset, I'm not going to lie to myself and promise a perfect content/post schedule, put simply I've found winter hard to style and do think spring will pave a way for more interesting and frequent posts and more personal posts too. As much as I love my blog, this year is big for me and I hope my followers will understand and support me :)

Stay cool - Kosa x


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