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Here's the 2nd look I made work with my still very favourite red oversized shirt. 

The "Black is life and life is recurrent" girl

This girl lives in black as a blank canvas and finished masterpiece. She knows less is more and doesn't like spending too long figuring things out, she'll start with something and make it work. If all else fails she'll put on a floppy hat & Chunky heels and take some pictures anyway!

This look is more "me" on a casual day.
I've recently had a few people bring up my blog and each time I've forgotten I even have it but the fact that they associate me with it means something to me and I don't know, I guess it's something to do with it being named after myself. I think the fact that they remember it more than I do says something.

Thank you to everyone who is and has shown support for le blog and me. I appreciate every single view and comment and like & hopefully 2015 will see a more inspirational and original Kosa's Kloset

Love you all.. Stay Cool - Kosa x


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