Does carrying shopping count as a workout?

So the last time I had a PE lesson was about two and a half years ago...
Nevertheless, I've always loved games and can get quite competitive backing my team. In this post I'm running after the sports luxe bus that everyone got on about 2 months ago (it's the taking part that counts) and presenting possibly one of my favourite looks. Using one of the hats from a sick range of MLB hats from Fanatics a leading sports apparel retailer. 

If you know me, you'll know I like to dress to impress and even though I was meant to go for a game day (so that's colours and fun print?) look I couldn't resist this black LA Dodgers cap. It's so simple and brings the outfit down to earth along with the bagpack in a very courtside Rihanna, Queen B vibe. My thinking was... just because I don't go to the gym or know many sports teams I can still show my appreciation through a fly ass outfit & hey... If you can walk in heels... WEAR THE HEELS.... AND THE HAT. And if not, a pair of these slip-ons from River Island are still perfect.
Looking at the Fanatics MLB Hats page I've had all sorts of outfit ideas. Here are a few of my favourite hats from their range & of course the link to the website so you guys can purchase a few, let's face it with weather like ours your hair & ears need all the protection they can get ;)

What do you think guys? What's your favourite hat and how would you style it? 

Stay cool - Kosa x


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