Stressed but Well(over)dressed

It's finally happened guys. I didn't know I would ever feel so much for something so unexpected. It's all happened too fast but it's official.... IM IN LOVE!

....with this shirt. 

< I do it purely for my own entertainment, I don't even think people will find this funny. Oh well >

Now that I've poured my heart out to you and for your attention... please continue to scroll as I talk about Bae (the shirt if you're still trying to figure out what is happening)

Sooo I found this shirt on a lovely little app called Depop (I mentioned it HERE) and had to ask a few ladies on StyleIcona what they thought as I actually don't wear red and strongly dislike it on myself, however the little Chinese silhouettes convinced me that me and their home belonged together and I'm so glad I bought it. 

One of my favourite things about this shirt is it's versatility, and because there's so many ways I have and can wear it I decided to show you three looks I created for the 3 kinds of girl that I am and this is the first!... The stressed but well(over)dressed girl.

This girl has a lot on, a lot of the time but can't help but abandon her duties and missions for a few hours of playing dress up infront of her mirror. 

Hat // H&M
Shirt // Depop
Clutch // Depop
Leather leggings // New Look
Shoes // New Look
Watch // Mar Jacobs 'Baker' 


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