Okay so I wasn't really planning to post anything until Wednesday but how could I not blog about one of my style inspirations getting married? I would simply never forgive myself.

So Solange Knowles got married to Alan Ferguson this weekend and in true Solly style she did so looking impeccably unique and fashion forward in a cream trousersuit with a cape by Stephane Rolland. Hubby looked equally on point in a white suit with some sick gold accented black shoes.

Most reviews have praised Solange's untraditional unique approach to wedding attire and transport (they rode to their wedding. Rode. On bikes. White ones. I know..she's so cool it's not even funny). Personally I thought she was true to herself and made sure the day belonged to her and her husband, which lets face it is becoming less and less evident in celeb weddings. I'm more of a traditional girl and as much as I love a good suit and some structure, for me a wedding dress would always be my first choice. However, I can't help but imagine what my version of a Solange Knowles wedding would consist of... I thinking top hat and lots of monochrome...
 In homage to the queen, here are a few of my favourite looks, some of which have been translated into some of the looks you see on my blog..

Just to give you an idea of how much I adore Solange... My prom dress was going to be a variation of her 2012 Met Gala yellow gown by Rachel Roy.

Oh yeah and she baasically singlehandedly brought back the box braids... Just saying 

Who else is feeling some Solly lovin'?


  1. Those wedding pics are unreal! I love the jumpsuit, such a unique wedding idea! Thanks for sharing these pics! <3

  2. I know they are such a cool couple for coming up with it!! And no problem hun x


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