Home is where the heart is

So basically I wrote a whole lovely post on my trip to Zambia and the blogger app decided to sabotage me. If I'm honest I don't feel like writing it again and it was mainly for my own expression as a writer sometimes you have have to write things down for them to be solidified in your mind. 

I went (for give or take) 10/11 days not counting travelling (which if anyone cares was 18 hours each way). I went to Zambia which is my family's homeland and my birthplace.

Amungst quite a few reasons for why I made the trip when I did was the general fact that my brother and I hadn't been back for almost 9 years which is way too long! Despite being excited to go back I was weary that my inability to speak my mother tongue fluently and lack of general knowledge about living in Zambia would make me feel awkward and out of place. I was ecstatic to find as soon as we arrived and began the journey to my uncle's house, that I felt sooo content in my surroundings, looking out of the window to see something other than strategically placed flora and modern buildings and it just felt like home. It was amazing to meet the majority of my immediate family, immediate meaning about half of my mum's 34 living brothers and sisters and my dad's 4 out of 8 siblings and their children - no lie, we're talking around 50+ cousins. Putting names to faces and getting to know my cousins was beautiful. 

Despite the 40 degree temperatures, long haul flight, 5 hour car journeys, lack of wifi, tiring days and small burst of illness the trip was well worth the week missed at school.

Because of how busy we were all the time I didn't really have a chance to take outfit pics and photo's in general but the ones I did take have been injected into this post.

I hope you liked reading about my experience and some of the pictures.

Stay cool - Kosa x


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