17 going on 25

Happy birthday to me!

So I turn 18 tomorrow and if I'm honest, I'm not that excited. Maybe it's because I don't really have anything planned for it or because I'm stressed about A Levels & deadlines. Despite my dismal enthusiasm for a day when great things came to exist, I didn't see why my lovely followers had to suffer!....So here's a look I made up a few weeks ago as a potential evening out look. 

For someone who said they aren't that excited for their birthday, I find it funny how I've got two birthday outfits planned. It's such a sad situation - feel for me guys. Anyways this look is muy sophisticated and appart from church I don't even know where I would wear it but I'm in love as it brings together my 2014 favourites & makes me feel a bit fancy...

Hat // H&M
Shirt // H&M
Boyfriend jeans // ebay (ripped by me)
Shoes // New Look
Coat // Missguided.co.uk
Clutch // Depop

Hope you are all blessed & well. Let me know what you think of this look 

and have a look at my Photographer & friend's blog on www.simondendere.com

Stay cool - Kosa x


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