Styleicona of September

The so who rememebers my first blog post where I talked about having to be consistent and relied on for new content... Well my worries have become reality... With me starting A2 you'd think one less subject would free up a bit of time... Which it does... However it doesn't mean the stress don't stop coming!
As a result of my educational commitments I haven't blogged as much and I'm so glad I planned ahead with my last few posts because honestly I have no time!



One thing I have had time for over the past few weeks is STYLEICONA! This is a relatively new app I had the privilege of getting to work with & test out. The app basically allows you to share your outfits and looks with like minded styleicona's, giving people the chance to vote on your look, see where you got some of your pieces from and simply share the ootd love! I've been loving styleicna as a platform for inspiration and a place to chat with other users. Although it seems exclusively blogger based as it is just starting out the app is for everyone to make use of, allowing you to invite friends and only send looks to a chosen few for that trusted and honest feedback. 

I like to think I'm straightshooting and also quite personal with my style so for me one of the best things about the app is no-one has to know if you didn't really "get" someone's outfit/look and there's a positive atmosphere based around the fact that everyone has their own preferences which is 100% true and great! 
I've been blessed enough to be named one of the Style icona's of September and have been featured on their website and Instagram. It means a lot to be recognised in this way and I hope people will enjoy the app as much as I have. Take a look at my page on: 


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