Hello again!

So basically, I haven't had time to take pictures of outfits and whatnot, but I have had time to shop! I've been stocking up for winter despite the fact that I'm going to Zambia (home country lovin) in less than two weeks where it shall be the middle of summer... (A post is due to come about all that)  But yeah, so I've been on the coat and boot hunt and after 3 different purchases I finally found the perfect coat from - the coat too shall be featured another time but along with it I've collected a few accessories and bits that I feel have been making my outfits.. In true Kosa & A/W style all the items I'm showing you are black but for good reason! 

Let's just get to it shall we?

Monk Strap Flats
These babies give me life everytime I look at them... I found them while school shopping during summer and I had it get them. My monk strap love began with some Zara boots I was pining after at the start of the year... My fascination died down but after the Rudeboy exhibit in summer I was loving the old school/ well polished look and monk straps were prominent within the concept and theme... thus began my search which turned out a bit too expensive for my budget.  Finding these in good ol Primark was the best thing ever and they literally make any outfit look so smart and quirky. I love it! Dupes can also be found in Topshop for a much greater amount and despite having to compromise on some of the quality I love my cheapo shoes all the same!

Thigh High Socks!
Those of you who saw my A/W Wishlist know that these have been on my mind. I finally got a chance to get them, again, from Primark and they have not disappointed. I like how they are not just plain and have the embedded look which works a treat in an outfit I hope to show you soon. Gone are the days of "knee high", this time round the thighs get some insulation too.

Oversized Leather Clutch
Those of you who know me will know I love oversized things... If it means buying from the men's section of H&M.. I will without hesitation. This is another thing I've been searching for for months now and again a similar piece was featured in my wishlist. Although I couldn't get the lunch bag look  I wanted for what I would consider a 'decent price', I feel this is much more versatile. It was a Depop find & I didn't expect to be as big as it was but I grew to love it almost instantaneously. Oversized leather basically screams winter and really does add edge to an outfit. 

Wide-ish Rimmed Hat
Last but for sure not least and actually probably the best, is this hat from H&M I got for £12.99. This beauty was spotted on my school hunt too and I had to be very patient to get it at a time where I could buy it and not feel guilty for my spending. This hat is just absolute life.. I can't even explain how it makes me feel and you'll see the effect it has in future posts. It just hurts me that I didn't get it sooner because some outfits would have been fire if I did. I've always wanted a hat like this but always felt it mostly suited me with weave. I guess theres a right time for everything!

Just wanted to shout out the Anthology - The Fat Black Woman's Poems by Grace Nichols. We are currently using it as part of my A2 English Lit coursework and I just thought it looked so sassy next the hat (it is also a beautifully raw set of poems)... In a similar way Alexa Chung's "It", which is a tad bit overrated in my option, looks so cool and clean along with my Beyond Retro sunnies. I quite like the idea of a book being part of a look or even being an outfit in its own right in this case! I might have to put them in front on the camera more often.


Hope you liked the post, comment below what your favourite item is and..

Stay cool - Kosa x


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