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I've been back at school for just over a week now which means my social life is officially over. Within 3 days of being back I was already questioning my abilities to get through the year, if I'm quite honest the only good thing about being back is getting to wear shirts and blazers without feeling over dressed.

While some of us grudgingly drag ourselves back to school, some of the industry's finest have flocked to New York City for FASHION WEEK! Although I doubt I will ever attend the prestigious event I would like to play my part and have decided to put two looks together of what I (in my rich and very ambitious mind) would wear to NYFW.

Outfit 1

This look is along the lines of, "I'm a fashion graduate who is here to learn and i'm going to look good doing it". Now of course I'm not a fashion grad but that's the look I'm seeing here. The "Karl who?" is for you fearless bastards out there who would want to risk being kicked out of said prestigious event for the chance to be featured on E News! or fashion police (RIP Joan, E will never be the same). In all seriousness, a tote and flats are necessary for fashion week, the best thing a girl can be is prepared!

Outfit 2 

You may have noticed 2 themes in these ensambles... 1 is a hat... Adding a floppy hat adds a bit of ambiguity because a hat either means you ran out the house unsure of the weather & it was the first thing you saw... Alternatively its a sign of careful outfit pre planning and attention. Either way you're rocking the look.

The second theme is drama... Just like the tote did for outfit 1 the faux fur does for outfit 2. Fashion week is not only a place for designers to show off and stand out but for those lucky enough to attend its a chance to network and that means being seen as well as heard and I think both these looks achieve that.

BTW... Who's been loving the Fashion Week exclusive Snapchats? if anything they are what motivated this post!


Stay cool - Kosa x


  1. Cute outfits, the first outfit is my fav.


    1. Thank you! Yeah i think the first one is the most "me". Your blog is awesome! X


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