On Sundays We Wear Africa

So a few months ago whilst wasting time not doing whatever I'm sure I was supposed to, I discovered a girl called Natasha Hutchins who made simple co-ords and sold them via depop. I was instantly amazed and impressed not only at how fast her business had grown since she started but also how talented she was working with prints and patterns. 

I was looking through the fabrics she used via her Instagram and this African print basically yelled at me from my phone screen and told me to call it mine. My problem with things like co ords and shorts has always been the fit and length, Natasha makes all items to your measurements and say so... This to me was perfect so I emailed her and told her what I was looking for. 

As I mentioned before, business was booming by the time I joined the band wagon and so it was a 4-6 week wait for the poor girl to get through all the orders and finally get mine. I was in no rush so it suited me fine and so I waited patiently.

The shorts finally came and they came with so much versatility - just how I wanted them! The finish was great and I was so impressed with how professional they looked. This is an honest forum so I will say that the fit on me wasn't exactly the way I had envisioned however that was due to me over estimating my size and simply having an awkward body. Nonetheless, I hung the shorts proudly in my wardrobe (after working out the the different looks achievable) and I just wanted to share just one of the looks I came up with.

Natasha has also started making duster coats over the past few weeks and if I didn't see them as an unnecessary purchase, I would definitely get myself one made in Camel. I also featured Natasha in a blog post about my A/W wishlist and I'm still holding out for her to officially make the Jil Sander leather lunch clutch

INSTA:  http://instagram.com/tashfaceeee | @tashfaceeee

DEPOP: nhutchins1

EMAIL: natashahutchins1@hotmail.co.uk

BIG Thank You to my friend Simon for the pictures & to Tasha for the shorts.. AND,of course you guys for reading this post.

Stay Cool - Kosa x


  1. I love your outfits! That shorts is cute!!
    Just my opinion, I wish the photos are bigger so I can have a better look on the details :D



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