H&M lovin'

I've known this for a while now and I think it's finally time to admit to myself... I'm an H&M slut. 

It's not entirely apparent in my blog posts but see me at school and I'm dripping in the brand. It's so affordable and I basically love everything in there. I can never really walk past a H&M without having a look, not to mention I have the shopping app on my phone - that's caused more casualties than I care to let you in on. But seriously, H&M do big things when they want to... 

Obviously the tshirt dress and blazer are both from H&M and are both personal favourites of mine, despite the 'dress' shrinking to a length I don't know my mother will approve of...
The whole outfit comes to just under £30... Someone say bargain?

If I was more prepared for this shoot I would have paired this with an oversized clutch to add to the "smart casual approach" however im happy with the outfit. Got some exciting news coming up in October but I'll save all that for a post where I don't feel like I've been dragged through a hedge (I'm ill...help)

Hope everyone is blessed, healthy and is enjoying their September... Only a few days left and my hunt for a winter coat is well underway & so is my personal statement formation (the lies).

Hope you liked this outfit & photo cred to Simon again

Stay cool - Kosa x


  1. You look great, I love your shoes. I've never bought anything from H&M but every time I go in I just want to buy everything!

    onacruz blog

    1. Thank you hun! I love them too! Been with me for ages now & yeah h&m is my weakness tbh, affordable basics, can it get any better? X


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