Tickled pink x black

This is just a quick post of an outfit I've worn in the past. As some of you know I'm a Christian and I try to go to church every Sunday. Along with being able to be around people who share the joy of knowing God, church also allows me to express the other side of my personal style which is less homeless 90's kid and a bit more chic young lady when I want to be. So yeah, this is an outfit I would wear to church or out for a meal...

Jacket //  EBay
Top //  River Island sale
Skirt //  Boohoo.com
Shoes //  NewLook
Bag //  Marks & Spencer's
Watch //  Marc Jacobs Baker watch

Writing the details above has made me realise that you don't need a constant flow of new clothes to look modern as all of these items are from last year and are not available in stores anymore. 

Ps. Still working on getting a decent camera...bare with me guys!

How wide is your personal style spectrum? 

Stay cool - Kosa.x


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