Return of the Rudegirl

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know I've been excited to see the Return of the Rudeboy exhibit at Somerset house since my girl Megan told me about it. Boy was it worth the wait! I set off for London around midday and originally planned to shop first and then go to the exhibit but my london savy self got confused by the underground and ended up at the exhibit first. 

In hindsight I think that was the best way. The idea of the Rudeboy concept is almost a rejection of the norm by sticking to and adhering to your own personal style disciplines. In essence it aims to encourage individuality, growth and originality.

"As is prevalent in the Rudeboy culture, the origins were appropriated and then twisted"

Personally it reminded me it was okay to like the things I like and furthermore to showcase that (on le blog) It's no secret that I like to mix up my personal style between homeless retro product of the 90's and a more sassy young modernist and I feel like the essence of the Rudeboy (in my case rude girl) captures that for me so well.


There was also a really cool exhibit called Tattoo Art Today, focusing on tattooing as a modern and free art form, the theme was Time and all it infers. The exhibit is there untill October, sadly the Rudeboy finishes its return on the 25th of this month.

 So after my eye opening gander round Somerset house, I put what I learnt to use and hit up Brick Lane - Blitz to be precise. Like Beyond Retro (featured here & here) its another vintage store that a friend suggested. I didn't expect it to be so big but that being said I loved the variety! My trip/ time was limited but  was definitely worth it. I ended up getting two pieces which I plan to style up and feature in a blog post soon. I'm just sad I didn't get to check out Spitalfeilds market and a few other vintage shops I saw... Why am I still talking I'm broke anyways!

Apologies for camera quality - Insdide Blitz
Oversized raincoat I bought from Blitz

I'm currently sprawled  on my cousins' sofa reflecting on my day feeling so chilled and positive for the rest of the week as I shall be in Bedford till Friday.

Hope you guys liked this post & let me know which pictures you like best.

Stay cool - Kosa x


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