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It has come to my attention that the fashion world is in a bit of a decline. "But Kosa fashion is ever changing and evolving" I hear you ask. Indeed it is, when I say decline what I really mean is we've pulled a Benjamin Button and inspiration in its usual, colourful and random manor has sprung from the playgrounds most of us used to go wild in back in the day. 

Where shall I begin? Ah the socks!

These made a bid for the big leagues over a year ago and have been bobbing around here and there. How cute do they make everything look? I personally never managed to pull them off perfectly but kudo's to you fashion whores who rose to the occasion! The frills and trimmings salute you.

Source : Instagram | nellydollblog



Next up... Jelly shoes!

Again this hasn't been/ isn't a vibe I've jumped on, however I congratulate those who have managed to make these horrid babies fashion statements of 2k14 along with their equally tragic but again amazingly trendy.. Birkenstocks! Both forms of footwear are mainly praised for their comfort and versitility, which i don't at all doubt. But honestly.. Jelly shoes? I would like the shake the hand of the dare devil who could and did. 

Via Polyvore

Via Tumblr: Larope

Now onto a personal favourite of mine... 

Dungarees! Yep theses hunnies have been around so long I don't really think they ever left! Dungarees have always been easy alternatives to actually getting dressed. Coming in the form of skirts, shorts and full length bottoms, dungarees have the ability to eradicate all other forms of clothing. ( thats almost a lie ) But honestly I can't fault them.. I definitely see how they've come to town after the rise of the playsuit/ romper back in '12.

Source: Tumblr

From Streetstyle to Award shows! |  Source: Tumblr

Check out  from Jack His Wardrobe in this Boohoo men's dungarees (check out the model ;)! For me Jack perfectly executes how to wear dungarees for men, check out his blog & insta!!

Onto to the big finale, the trend that made me think of this post.... 

Source: Instagram | marycake

The Pig Tails/ Knots. Now if we were to, along with these trends above, part our barnets in two and tie each side with a hair bubble (oh yeah scrunchies are having their reign too!) we would look like the perfect throwback! Despite my failure to understand the name, this is something I'm finding is my go to.. Its so easy and yet looks so different on everyone, now I see why our mothers insisted on the 'do every morning! 

Source: Instagram | londonzhiloh

Me rocking the trend a few posts ago

Other infancy inspired trends include pastels (baby blue all say everyday), general 90's throwback, the T bar school shoes, hair scrunchies...


Stay cool guys - Kosa x


  1. I love the Grunge fashion trend which was first big in the 90's cool :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  2. Glad someone agrees! Thank you hun, I'll have a look now x


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