AW Wishlist: The basics

It's true what they say - a week away from the blogging world is like a month! Between working at Tk Maxx and shopping around it seems to me that the fashion world has come to the conclusion that summer is over. Maybe it's something to do with there being only 20 Fridays until Christmas?! (I know). 

In pretty much every store you walk into, you're guaranteed a summer sale section in some glorious corner of fun and along with it, some great prices! I'm not here to talk about summer sales because the idiot in me decided it best to blow all my money within a week of getting paid ( don't judge me, it happens to the best of us) and so I've decided to talk about what comes after the sales.... 


I've compiled a small selection of things I think are essential for prepping your AW wardrobe. Of course none of this will apply to everyone but, this is me shoving my ideas in your face so I suggest we keep an open mind and love me!


#1 - Chunky Knit Scarf
Im not entirely certain where this particular one if from but for me nothing says AW like a chunky preferably burgundy/ oxblood knit scarf. 

#2 - Cropped Sweatshirt
...or just a normal sweatshirt if you're feeling rebellious. This piece is literally going to save me this winter, its perfect for layering, its warm and let's face it is so easy to style you could wear it for a week! This particular one is from but there are similar ones on ASOS for cheaper. (Thank me later)

#3 - Leather skirt 
This is an item that has become quite popular over the past year or so and if I'm honest I always thought a leather skirt too sexy, however after seeing it in a few lookbooks and styling my own from forever 21 I can definitely vouch it as a stample piece to have in your wardrobe, suitable for a wide array of feelings and moods. It just looks so good with tights, bare legs or knee high socks!

Image 3 of ASOS Mini Skirt In Leather LookBlack (Black) Black Leather-Look Asymmetric Wrap Front Skort  | 317824401 | New Look

#4 - The lunch/Dinner clutch
Oh. My. Life. This clutch is heavenly... I would personally like to thank designers at Marie Turnor for this wonderful creation and further high street stores for making amazing dupes accessible to poor little me. I don't know why but this clutch, although quite casual in it's idea, just makes every outfit look so effortlessly classy. I can't wait to get mine. 

Marie Turnor £163 | Zara £30-40 | Watch out for Instagramer Tashfaceee bringing out her own version soon for only 

#5 - Black nail polish
This particular one is by Nars cosmetics for £12.99, I just loved the look of it. You can never go wrong with simple but statement black claws in AW. For some of us this might be bordering on too gothic along with the mid greys and blacks of our winter wardrobes, but my monochrome girls will know exactly what I mean. Furthermore, with white being the new black, black nails with a white on white ensemble can do so much for the over all look. 

Butter London Nail Polish Union Jack Black 11mlMiss Sporty Lasting Colour Nail Polish Fatal Black 80Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Blackout 677

#6 Dr. Martens 
I've always been more of a timberland girl, but when I saw The Beauty Crush rocking these low patent black docs many moons ago I saw the light. Not only durable, these shoes add an edge to any outfit and just look so smart when you want then to be. Coming in at £80 on ASOS I'm going to have to tred carefully if I want to get these babies next pay day.
They are perfect for AW as they will keep your feet warm and be a worthy competition for the black ice that may come our way.


#7 Transparent raincoat 
Okay so this one is a bit more controvertial. I first saw this on tumblr as part of the most swag filled outfit (my ghetto 90's kid coming out here) and I was in love. Admittedly I didn't feel brave enough to pull it off back then but I'm definitely willing to try now. This is a great transition piece as it will have been useful in festival season and many of you will have discarded it by now but I for one am seeing this go far.


#8 - Knee High Socks
The sockssss. These have always been in my underwear drawer and I have actually worn them to school a few times but the knew highs are breaking out of the education system and hitting the real world this AW. A great alternative to tights I think these will be great to see on a variety of outfits/ styles and fun to play around with. Knee high's are a classic if there ever was one.

Grunge and stuff

Obviously this is only a small list of things necessary for AW 2014 but these are things I hope to be wearing and purchasing when the time comes. I love winter fashion way better than summer and I can't wait to be layering and wearing the deepest shades I can find. For some of you summer lovers I might have to challenge myself to do a bright winter wishlist (this should be good). Let me know what you think. 

Are you more AW or SS? And what is your winter staple this year?

Stay cool - Kosa x


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  2. Haha there's definitely no judging from me on the whole spending your pay in the summer sale sections front, I've done the exact same thing this month...and my pay doesn't even go in until next week! Whoops.
    I'm so glad knee high socks are going to be a staple, I have loads of pairs and have always been a fan. I adore the quirkiness of that Zara clutch too! Need. One. Now.

    Louise /

  3. Ahhaha see in not the only one, no worries hun we always have next payday to redeem ourselves! & ikr! Knee high socks are perfection, & don't get me started on the clutch... I need it so bad. Thank for comment love xx

  4. Love the rain coat and the leather skirt, really cool pics!

    Much love xxx

    1. thank you hun! i love them too, can't wait to make some purchases xx

  5. love this post!! i've nominated you for the liebster award! check it out here


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