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Welcome to my blog! My name is Mukosa but I  go by Kosa to most. I'm 17 going into my final year of 6th form in September. 

After ogling over YouTube personalities, bloggers and instagramers for a few years, I found myself planning blog posts and YouTube videos in my head. I've always been scared to start a blog or YouTube because that would mean people relying on you to be consistent and actually going through the awkward stage of developing a fan base. Although I would say i'm quite reliable, I know my life is never set in stone and I'm easily distracted.

Despite this I know that this is something I've always wanted to do and at the end of the day its a creative outlet for me and I just want to enjoy it, if I fail, I fail.I've still got a lot to learn but for the mean time put up with my amateur posts and support the cause! 


Was just chilling in my garden today and thought I might as well take a few snaps.

Boyfriend jeans //  Ebay Seller 
 (Ripped/ laddered by me)

Cropped Jumper //  ASOS.com

'Clutch' //  ASOS.com

I say 'clutch' because the observant of you will realise that it's actually an ipad case, however the cheapskate in me saw a cost effective clutch and ordered the thing. I plan to style this up properly later and you'll see i'm not entirely mad.

Once again welcome to Kosa's Kloset and I hope you'll come visit and check up on me :)

K x


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