Small update

I wouldn't call this an official post but i just wanted to announce that I'm now going to be linked to the bloglovin' bandwagon. 

For those of you who don't know what it is, I too am yet to find out! Haha but generally its a platform where you can follow all your favourite bloggers despite the blogging platform they use and you are instantly updated when they post. Sounds perfect to me seeing as I just have all my fav blogs on one slide & a bit on my phone saved as bookmarks! 

Exhibit A -

So yeah hit up bloglovin' and follow me on there if you wanna stay in contact! 

Other methods of keeping up with my Lavely life include:

INSTAGRAM:  kosamt


TUMBLR:  diaryofasize-me  

I am also yet to make a Tumblr blog dedicated to Kosa's Kloset because I feel like its a wider platform in terms of exposure and I just love me some Tumblr... Its one of the few perfect things in life.

Stay Cool - Kosa x

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