Finito. Done. Bye!


Yes, yes people, the school year is finally over after a tragic few weeks spent doing display boards and useless projects. 

So summer's here that means 3 things:

- Late nights

- More places to go, incidentally = more outfits

- Results day (!) 

Okay that last one is not for everyone but i'm personally quite excited to see how I did considering I put in a good amount of effort into them!

Moving away from all that, I just wanted to show you guys what I wore on the last day of school, most of you spent that day with me anyway but have a look anyways!!

(p.s. the lighting is different as I took these first few later in the day)

Crop Top //  Missguided (Shanee's Wardrobe)
Shorts //  Age Concern UK (charity shop)
Sandals // H&M
Bag // My cousin's Wardrobe
Sunglasses // Beyond Retro 

So you could say this is a borrowed outfit seeing as the only thing originally owned by me is the shoes. To be honest I'm quite proud of that, I've been trying to get away from the high street and trying to be more original in how I obtain and style my clothes. Let me know what you think of this ensemble that comes up to just under £25 for everything  I'm wearing. 

Stay Cool guys! - Kosa x


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