I've discovered narnia...

Ok, so its not exactly Narnia.. And I definitely did not get all Christopher Columbus on this b*tch..

However my attention was recently drawn to this really cool website called 'La Moda' by the amazing and totally original blogger that is Arestthisgal. I'll be honest I didn't have high hopes and was skeptical that anything I saw would be in my price range. Low and behold, I was gladly proven wrong!

The website is mainly Shoes... and where shoes are (say it with me ladies).. Theres always bags! Past experiences have again made me weary of such websites/ brands as I always only love one or the other (the shoes or the bags). Yet again I was glad to find myself in the wrong as both aspects are equally great with equally fair pricing, and not to mention bang on trend with some variation. 

The main reason I'm even blogging about this website is because I found the perfect present for my mum's birthday as well as wishfully planning to get these babies WHEN I pass my AS Levels (Roll on 14th August), so I may be over exaggerating to some of you but I genuinely love this website and boy do i have plans for it on payday! 

Skye Blue
Zaira Nude

Milly Black
Mama's bag

That's just a few that I quite liked, the range is nothing like these big brands of course, but I definitely think they've got a good thing going. Hope you guys like the website as well as this post and let me know what your favourite finds are :)

(Did I mention postage is a decent 3 quid?)

Stay cool - Kosa x

Note: All images used are from lamodauk.com, I do not own any of these images or items. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I love La moda! I always want everything on their website

    Would be amazing if you could take a look at my blog too

    Written with style


  2. I know, Its so good its unfair! The prices make me so happy too! Sure thing hun I'm following you on bloglovin' xx


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