Brighton/ London - What I Wore


Bikini Top //  ASOS
Kimono-shirt //  Primark
Shorts //  Ebay Seller

So this was my travel/ first day outfit and i think it was my best and most 'true to me'. Quite simply - a crop top, high waisted shorts and boots ;)


Dress //  TK Maxx
Leather Sleevless //  Ebay seller

The second day was definitely a yolo option from start to finish. I found this dress at werk (Tk Maxx) and loved it, however those who know me know that i probably wouldn't have bought this a year and a half a ago. This is my evidence that I've been trying to broaden my colour spectrum. The pictures wern't great and to be honest I don't mind because I know I was busy enjoying the day rather than obsessing about my next outfit post.


Racer back Top // Primark
Skirt //  H&M (£4!)
Denim jacket // Ebay (ASOS)

If I'm honest I didn't like this last outfit much and didn't have time to do a flat lay but I thought I might aswell show it to complete the whole extended weekend theme.

Hope you guys liked the ensembles, let me know which one you liked best!

Stay cool - Kosa x


  1. I love love love the first one, that kimono has such a nice print and colours :) you can never go wrong with high waisted shorts either!

    Louise /

    1. Its definitely my favourite too! Glad you like it, & yes yes yes, these shorts will surely save me through this summer! Thanks for the comment Xx

  2. You work at T.K.Maxx? I'm super jealous! I love that shop haha. This is a great post. Definitely like outfit 1 best. I've started following you on bloglovin' :) xx

    1. Aha indeed i do! Honestly it's a great place to work but its not good for my bank balance. & yay for outfit 1 i love it too. Thank you so much for your feedback and everything and i shall definitely be returning the favour! Xx

  3. Cute outfits!

    x Julia @


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