Brighton - The Great British Adventure

Day one entry

> Today I found out that I much prefer a pebble beach to sand. As much as I relish the feeling of sand between my toes, I think there's only so much sand a person can take before they give up on their masterpiece ( lopsided sand castle ) and retire to the deck chair with half a tonne of sand in their hair < 

Day two entry

> when one is on a mission to hunt down her favourite vintage shop you must always bring willing/ understanding accomplices. Upon finding it, instead of taking a photograph of the lovely yellow exterior, remind yourself of the prices, and get a tighter grip on your wallet <

Day three entry

> When you have one hour to pack everything, get dressed and check out, you don't have time to find your shower cap, don't even bother just pick up your long sleeved crop top and watch the wonders unfold (fold) as you create a makeshift head wrap. <


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